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For gynecologist services in the McMurray, Mt. Lebanon and Caste Village, PA areas, you can count on the medical professionals working with Advanced Womens Care of Pittsburgh, P.C.

We've been providing comprehensive services to Pittsburgh, Washington, and Allegheny County since 1985.

- Birth Control

- Menopause care

- STD prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

- Cancer diagnosis and treatment

- Abnormal pap procedures

- Cryosurgery, LEEP, Colposcopy

- Endometrial biopsy

- Infection diagnosis and treatment - yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

- Pap smears

- Pregnancy prevention and birth control counseling

- Breast exams

- Fibroid care

- Pelvic adhesion treatment

- Chronic pelvic pain treatment

- Human papillomavirus (HPV) treatment

- Gardasil injections (HPV immunizations)

- Urinary stress incontinence care

- Abnormal bleeding treatment

- Prolapsed uterus or bladder treatment

- InTone

- DaVinci Surgery

Our services include:

- Blood Drawing

- Colposcopy

- Biopsy

- Leep Biopsy

- Obstetrics

- Pregnancy testing

- Prenatal lab work

- Gestational diabetes

- Advanced maternal age

- Pre-eclampsia

- Genetic testing – alpha fetal proteins, etc.

- Infertility

- Sonograms (on site at McMurray and St. Clair Hospital locations)


Additional in-office procedures:

Contact Advanced Women's Care of Pittsburgh, P.C. today at 724-941-1866 for the McMurray office or 412-942-1866 for the Mt. Lebanon or Caste Village office to schedule your appointment. Discover more information about our pregnancy services and our doctors.

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Comprehensive gynecological services

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